Introducing “3-Bullet Thursdays” (w/ a disclaimer)

DISCLAIMER: Recently I stumbled across the work of author and entrepreneur Tim Ferris. Tim has a weekly email newsletter called: 5-Bullet Fridays“ where he shares the top 5 things (links, ideas, etc.) that he has been exploring that week. I love the simplicity of Tim’s email and in in the spirit of Utilitarianism, I am adopting my own version of Tim’s approach titled: “3-Bullet Thursdays”!. I hope you enjoy the simplicity of Thursday’s message. I will be sharing the top 3 resources related to learning and instruction  that I stumble upon each week. Click here to subscribe to the email list.

Below is my first “3-Bullet Thursday” post (bullets are in no order of importance, nor guided by a specific theme): 

  • Introducing students to basic electronics and robotics (littleBits, Arduino, etc.)? Consider showing your class this documentary about the the world’s largest LED art instillation on the San Francisco Bay Bridge: “The Bay Lights Project” to spark interest. 


  • Looking for a great video to kick off a classroom or school-wide design project? Check out this TED talk by William Kamkwamba, titled: “How I Harnessed the Wind” 

  • Would you like to add narrative videos, web-based media, or electronics  to any poster board, diorama or model project? Check out Hyperduino

If you found the information in this message useful to your practice, I invite you to learn more about becoming a site member.  Launching on July 15th, monthly membership includes, but is not limited to, frequent distributions of detailed online video courses, lesson plans, teaching websites, curricular resources and access to video webinars exploring the world of curiosity, inquiry and technology in the classroom. 

Introducing “3-Bullet Thursdays” (w/ a disclaimer) syndicated from


Author: marywestonn

Public Speaker, Pastor, Author, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Information Marketer. I tend to specialize in giving people the information and inspiration to achieve greater things in their life! This is how I want to be remembered! When I speak at events, it is to motivate those who think things are hopeless. I want to inspire the uninspired. I want to give hope to those who have no hope. I focus on team building and how organizational success is only achieve through personal success.

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