How to Place Videos Side-by-Side in a Google Sites Page

In a post earlier this morning I mentioned placing videos side-by-side in a Google Sites page. Within minutes I got an email from a reader who wanted to know how to do that. The way to do it is to simply insert two videos into a page then drag and drop them next to each other. You might have to re-size the videos first to make sure they will fit side-by-side. I made the following one minute video that shows you how to put two videos side-by-side in Google Sites.

How to Place Videos Side-by-Side in a Google Sites Page syndicated from


Author: marywestonn

Public Speaker, Pastor, Author, Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, Information Marketer. I tend to specialize in giving people the information and inspiration to achieve greater things in their life! This is how I want to be remembered! When I speak at events, it is to motivate those who think things are hopeless. I want to inspire the uninspired. I want to give hope to those who have no hope. I focus on team building and how organizational success is only achieve through personal success.

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