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We’ve written a lot at ProfHacker about OER and Open Access resources. Recently, Rajiv Jhangiani and Robin DeRosa launched a new website, Open Pedagogy Notebook. It is a space where educators interested in Open Pedagogy and come and learn more about it, see examples, and share their own work.

What is Open Pedagogy?

“Open Pedagogy,” as we engage with it, is a site of praxis, a place where theories about learning, teaching, technology, and social justice enter into a conversation with each other and inform the development of educational practices and structures.This site is dynamic, contested, constantly under revision, and resists static definitional claims. But it is not a site vacant of meaning or political conviction. In this brief introduction, we offer a pathway for engaging with the current conversations around Open Pedagogy, some ideas about its philosophical foundation, investments, and its utility, and some concrete ways that students and teachers — all of us learners — can “open” education.We hope that this chapter will inspire those of us in education to focus our critical and aspirational lenses on larger questions about the ideology embedded within our educational systems and the ways in which pedagogy impacts these systems. At the same time we hope to provide some tools and techniques to those who want to build a more empowering, collaborative, and just architecture for learning.

The examples are probably the most compelling part of the website, with helpful essays on creating an open textbook, for example. People are strongly encouraged to submit their ideas and resources, to create a community hub for Open Education.

(Note to self: contribute.)

Do you practice Open Education?

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